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Basic Claims Monitor Service

Claims Monitor will provide you with the following critical information:

  • All Proof of Claim filing deadlines
  • All Ballot Deadlines
  • All objections to your claim
  • All Rejection and/or Assumption
  • Motions that relate to your contract and the related objection deadlines
  • All notices of cure amounts and the related objection deadlines
  • All notices of requests for contract rates and interest

Notification of key events will be emailed to your "Creditor Representative" in clear, precise terms with easy to understand explanations. Claims Monitor will also provide assistance with key aspects of the bankruptcy case, such as claim objections and voting on reorganization plans, and can also assist with proof of claim forms.*

Claims Monitor's Contingency Fee:

15% of the first 100,000 recovered per case
10% of amounts over 100,000 recovered per case

Claims Monitor only gets paid if you are able to recover. This essential service costs nothing out of pocket.

*Claims Monitor can provide Proof of Claim assistance for a flat fee of $50 per basic proof of claim; provided, however, higher fees may apply for particularly complicated claims, including claims for lease and contract rejection damages.

Claims Monitor provides basic bankruptcy process and bankruptcy case information, not legal services or advice.